Category: Home Improvement

Ceiling Finishes

Whether remodeling your basement, or replacing a damaged office ceiling, K. Willett Home and Industrial can serve your needs. We can work directly with your electrician or ventilation crew, or we have proven vendors waiting to make final, lasting improvements to your property. 

Complete Counter, with Window and Tiles

This wall shows it all! A window, with tile and counter installation. K. Willett Home and Industrial likes to help clients take a limited budget and give options by refurbishing, recycling, and reusing materials in creative ways.

Drop Ceilings

This ceiling was repaired and replaced without interruption to the office. We can assist your maintenance people or work alone to repair leaking roofs, resurface them, and follow that repair into the office space with a new section of ceiling where necessary.

Bathroom Addition

We wanted to show the work in progress here. From framing to dry wall, to tile, K. Willett Home and Industrial can add a bathroom to any structure. Contact us for a free estimate today!

Doors and Entryways

When a window needs replaced, or a doorway created, K. Willett Home and Industrial can repair or create the perfect entry point. Here we see a window install with framing and finishing project.